“Life on the Spectrum is a masterpiece! If you are feeling stressed out, stuck, or frustrated with the daily demands and difficulties of raising a child on the autism spectrum, this is a MUST READ! These stories are real and raw, written with unabashed honesty and unashamed human fragility. Every page offers a new, hope-filled perspective that will keep you moving forward.  You will find refreshment…a renewed sense of peace and purpose as you care for those struggling with spectrum disorders. Each chapter ends with thought-provoking questions, leading you to find God’s help and hope as you lean into His sovereign care. More than anything, you will feel understood because these folks have been exactly where you are today.”

Colleen Swindoll-Thompson                                                                                                      Mother of an adult with autism and other disabling condition                                        Director of Reframing Ministries, Insight for Living


“Parents of kids with autism all too often find themselves isolated and alone – isolated from friends, family and church. The authors of Life on the Spectrum have experienced it all. Their stories of confronting and overcoming the challenges common to families impacted by disability, shared from a Christian worldview, provide hope, encouragement and inspiration. This book is a wonderful gift to anyone caring for a child with autism.”

Stephen Grcevich, MD                                                                                                            President and Founder, Key Ministry and Author of Mental Health and the Church


“Thoughtfully and honestly finding and holding on to what is good, these vignettes will draw you in to the life experiences of families affected by special needs, with true stories of pain and celebration. This book will introduce the reader to real stories, giving us an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding, a reminder that each of us is not alone in this journey and inviting a greater compassion for families among us who have at times been misunderstood or rejected, even by the Church. I am grateful for the vulnerability revealed in these stories of life with a child with a disability.”

Pam Harmon                                                                                                                              Executive Director, Young Life Capernaum


“Heartfelt, transparent, and moving, Life on the Spectrum is a devotional resource full of compassion and understanding for the parent of a child with autism. Written by parents of children on the spectrum, their stories share an honest struggle to find support and understanding for their children within the church, in their communities, and even with themselves in the midst of autism’s daily challenges. It is a book clearly meant to come along side those who need to know they are not alone and to remind them, regardless of the struggle, we share the same hope in God who is on the journey with us all.”

Anita Lustrea                                                                                                                             Author, Spiritual Director and host of Faith Conversations podcast