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Life on the Spectrum is a masterpiece! If you are feeling stressed out, stuck, or frustrated with the daily demands and difficulties of raising a child on the Autism Spectrum, this is a MUST READ! —

Colleen Swindoll-ThompsonDirector of Reframing Ministries, Insight for Living

No matter who we are or where we come from, autism has taken us on a common journey. Our faith has given us a common hope. We are different – black, white, male, female – but we all have children with autism.These are our stories: our struggles, our failures and triumphs, our parenting, our faith and a bit of everything in between. Along the way we realized we are not alone. Our lives, though not the ones we imagined, have given us new purpose and meaning. Our children have something unique and beautiful to offer the world. And to us.

From creating a new normal for the holidays to re-thinking sibling relationships, from asking “why?!” to how to cope moving forward, Life on the Spectrum faces the reality of living with and loving our autistic children from a perspective of faith. Each chapter begins with a Scripture that has become dear to us, shares our stories, exploring how God’s truth can actually be lived out in the messiness of our lives on the spectrum, and ends with questions designed to help us reflect, rethink, and ultimately grow closer to Christ.

Come on this journey with us. Be encouraged. You aren’t alone either.